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About Us

About Us

We Appreciate Every Unique Legal Needs.

Our focus is on you.

Started since year 2016, Chia, Lee & Associates is a Kuala Lumpur based law practice that focuses on maintaining its commitment to helping SMEs, start-ups, entrepreneurs and individuals.

Our practice is strategically designed to meet every legal need of different sectors and scenarios.

We believe in making the most of your legal time-cost.

Our Core Value

Righteous Practice of Law

We believe in our founding principle of upholding and delivering a righteous practice of law.


Speaking Our Client’s Language

We believe in speaking our client’s language to help develop a common purpose and move forward with collective effort. We see our success as a shared journey with our clients.


Assurance and Protection

In the arena of law, we understand that what lies within the complexity of it all is its subject’s need for assurance and protection, and this is where our roles and expertise are recognized and respected.

Fearless Intuition

We associate ourselves with the fearless intuition in resolving legal issues and seek remedies for our clients through experiences and logical interpretation.



Persistence in the Cause

We strive for persistence, consistency, and determination that enable us to deliver results that others cannot.



Building Sustainability

We aim to get the best out of ourselves and build a sustainable legal career which is well-grounded on strong foundations.


We hold dear to our core values.

This is our promise.


Chia, Lee & Associates

we believe in building lasting relationships

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