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It is indeed alarming to note that the recent number of scam cases in Malaysia reaches a new height compared to previous years during the Covid-19 pandemic. While there is nothing legalistic in the article, the information shared here serves as a reminder to many consumers and even online businesses to stay alert of scams. CLICK TO READ MORE…

It is noted that the past and the present movement control order (MCO) or other restrictive measures like CMCO and RMCO have significantly affected the way in which many workplaces operate, including how employers deal with disciplinary and performance issues. CLICK TO READ MORE..

This article is about what happens to our plan upon our death, whether or not we have one, i.e. the estate administration. CLICK TO READ MORE…

RPGT is a tax imposed on the gains derived from the disposal of real property. Find out on how you may be eligible for exemption. CLICK TO READ MORE….

In Malaysia, the monetary costs of hiring an employee are not merely confined to his or her monthly salary. There are also other monthly contributions that an employer is legally obligated to contribute or to pay on behalf of the employee.



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